Series 4
Seasons 4
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Season 4 focuses on “The Power of Women” in this new exciting evolved series. We are bringing together some of the worlds most philanthropic, powerful, extraordinary women from across a selection of industries including the world of entertainment, sport, politics, and humanitarians.

These two exceptional women wish not just to inspire their followers but to encourage others to work at their dreams and follow their beliefs and with positivity and motivation can make happen what’s seems impossible a reality..
The viewer is privy to an intimate and revealing conversation of how these women succeeded and discuss their own experiences and setbacks reaching their own personal success story for which they have been recognised.

Covering varied topics from the very start of their childhood and how it effected their outlook on life and their cultural back ground including the negative and the positive experiences fighting at times the gender gap and what and who influenced and drove them on also addressing the impact this had on their relationship and their families.
Most of these women have become the Voice on behalf of the voiceless..

Their work and support to certain organisations and charities that cover a large number of topics such as education, gender and sexual equality, environmental, animal and child rights.
No one is left behind in this powerful series.
A spotlight will be shone on the contributors choice that they wish to champion at times during the show and links to the relevant organisations and social media platforms will be available on our website.