Season 4
The Power of Women
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Season 4

This new series “Shouts” that it’s time to tell a new story about Women and Power.

Our media has been flooded with stories of abuse and harassment which have been bravely shared by Box Office Stars and Domestic Workers alike, Which has led to the drowning of some of the most powerful men who have shaped our very culture.

A rare insight to a panoply of their extraordinary achievements, discussed between our two women contributors in each episode, together they address their complicated characters and the necessary nuance, ambition, determination which drove them to their place of powerful leadership.

In their own unique ability at times they truly have contributed to rewrite the world in so many ways as we see it.

We as creative women producers and the creators of the critically acclaimed Sky “Living the Life” series, are endeavoring to provide a voice for our contributors, and others through our video and social media platforms.

Allowing all to reflect the diverse mix of female experiences and their voices on other subject matters that they champion which will cover a multitude of topics.

Enjoy the series and we look forward to hearing from you with your own personal experiences.

Much Love