Series 4
Living the Dream
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Living the Dream America, is an exciting hybrid of Living The Dream, the successful and critically acclaimed UK Sky television programme. After three seasons as the “Critics’ Choice” runs in the UK the show brought together the cream of British talent. This highly regarded show is ready to expand onto the international stage and America is our first stop. With a previous three series – seen on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD in the UK – it highlighted the importance of finding the perfect balance amongst the guests.

This new series gives unprecedented access to America’s most successful, prolific legends from both the political, entertainment, sport and literary world. Living the Dream is a unique concept with a twist on the usual interviewer/celebrity interviewee format. Instead we pair two legends, each at the top of their game, and allow the conversation to flow.

By creating an intimate and neutral space for these personalities to reveal the foundations of their success, we are able to provide audiences not only with a unique insight into the highs and lows of living in the spotlight, but how childhood aspirations and emotional setbacks influenced these outcomes. So often it is the journey – not the destination – that provides the most complex and interesting tales.

We pair contributors who may not be immediately associated with each other, but who have an interest in the other person or their creative endeavors. Whether they are from different industries, different walks of life or they simply hold different viewpoints; our guests nevertheless bond thanks to the similarities they find between themselves and the high profile nature of accomplishment on the world stage.