RTE Ten: TV Picks of the Day
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It’s the penultimate episode of Whitechapel on UTV, Mount Pleasant continues to charm on Sky Living, while Living the Dream returns to Sky Arts 1 with former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart and US actor Elliott Gould

Whitechapel, 9.00pm, UTV

It’s the penultimate episode in this latest run of this drama about solving strange and often macabre murders, and this time Chandler, Miles and the team are searching the sewers after a butchered runner is found with missing vital organs. Is Buchan’s hunch correct – have they got a souvenir killer on their hands? Or are the Black Swine, mutated sewer pigs of urban legend, to blame for these grizzly deaths? Meanwhile Mansell is driven to distraction.

Mount Pleasant, 9.00pm, Sky Living

It’s the halfway point of season three and Dan and Tanya are left to their own dangerous devices when Lisa jets to Spain and Bradley goes on a golf weekend. The neighbours are worried Dan won’t be able to fend for himself, so Tanya makes sure there’s no chance of him being neglected as the pair share an intimate night out together. Back on the cul-de-sac, Fergus plays happy families and moves into Denise’s house – but domestic strife soon sets in when the wannabe model feels he isn’t taking her career seriously.

Living the Dream, 8.00pm, Sky Arts 1

Back for a third run, this is a chat show with a difference as two stars from different backgrounds discuss their lives. For starters, former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart chats with actor Elliott Gould. As one of America’s most prominent and prolific actors of the 70s, Gould was a part of some truly iconic films, including M*A*S*H and The Long Goodbye. Aside from his musical accomplishments, Stewart’s also an active philanthropist who has worked with Nelson Mandela and Greenpeace.