RT Critics’ choice: David Bailey and Tim Marlow
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Review by: Gill Crawford
Take two men sitting in oversized zebra-print armchairs. They’ve got cups of coffee, but it might as well be pints of beer as they chew the fat over a range of issues. Not necessarily great TV, but this chat between photographer David Bailey and art historian/broadcaster Tim Marlow is a delight.

The pair are from different backgrounds and have taken divergent paths in life (they’re both very revealing about their childhoods), but they’re united by their love of art and artists.

Bailey in particular has a great turn of phrase, and you’re sure to raise a smile at his colourful descriptions of his life and loves.
About this programme
9/9. Photographer David Bailey and art historian Tim Marlow reminisce and discuss their formative years, art, their careers and sex in the 1960s and ’70s. Last in the series.