Independent Woman: Brenda Fricker
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Oscar-winner Brenda Fricker admits: ‘I’m broke, alone and depressed’

ACTRESS Brenda Fricker, who won the best supporting actress Oscar for ‘My Left Foot’ in 1990, has admitted that she is broke and alone with her memories.

Despite enjoying a hugely successful career both on the stage and the silver screen, the 67-year-old star is struggling.

In an interview on Sky Arts set to air next month, Fricker talks about her personal difficulties to fellow actress Anna Friel (36).

“I lived off my savings while they lasted, but now I’m completely broke. But as long as I can have a roof over my head and feed the dog and feed myself, I’m perfectly content,” she said.

The Dublin-born performer also spoke of her volatile relationship with her mother and her own ongoing battle with depression.

“I suffered from depression for 50 years,” said the former ‘Casualty’ star. “But now I go to a therapist once a week, purely to have a conversation and to hear another human voice.”

Earlier this year Fricker admitted she had attempted suicide 32 times.

She added: “You get so bloody tired of nobody listening to you”.

The actress, who recently appeared in Glenn Close’s Oscar-nominated movie ‘Albert Nobbs’, has never been afraid to speak her mind.

Earlier this year she criticised RTE’s ‘Republic of Telly’ star Jennifer Maguire and the Irish Film and Television Awards, which she said were “mind-blowingly, numbingly boring”.

The full interview will be broadcast on November 6.

– Laura Butler

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