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Stephen Fry & Bill Wyman
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Stephen Fry & Bill Wyman

This episode of Living the Life brings together the… eminent comedian, author and television presenter Stephen Fry with Bill Wyman, the legendary musician, author and bass guitarist for the Rolling Stones and Rhythm Kings.

Stephen Fry – is one of our best-loved and most interesting personalities, known for his quick wit and extraordinarily diverse range of talents; Having been part of early comedy classics like Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster, he was also acclaimed early in his career for his writing skills, penning the story for Me and My Girl, and going on to write numerous novels and non-fiction books.

Later in his career Stephen has been the go to guy for intelligent, insightful programming and hosts the highly successful ongoing series of QI. Children and adults alike are eternally grateful for his bringing to life of the Harry Potter books as an audio series and you can guarantee that he will crop up presenting awards shows where an erudite, intelligent and comedic host is needed to help proceedings run smoothly. Stephen’s public persona masks a somewhat turbulent past and he has spoken openly about his struggles with depression and difficult childhood.


Bill Wyman – is a legendary musical impresario who found fame as the bass player in what is considered to be the greatest rock band of all time, The Rolling Stones. Bill was catapulted to super stardom at a young age and was self-confessed ‘Girl Mad’.

Those heady days may have grabbed the headlines but Bill has been retired from the Stones for twenty years and made popular music with his band the Rhythm Kings, written best-selling books and unbeknown to the general public has a fascinating history of archiving and archaeology to his credit. Bill rarely speaks publicly about his experiences, but during the filming of Living the Life with Stephen, their mutual love of music and cricket unfolded into an amazingly intimate and revealing conversation.


Watch out for Stephen and Bill talking during the show about:

  • How Stephen’s addiction to sugar at school led to theft and gradually in his late teens credit card fraud and a short spell in prison.
  • How Bill escaped a German bomber as a school child, racing down the street and diving for cover as the bullets peppered the houses and the released bombs destroyed Lewisham School.
  • How Stephen first met Hugh Laurie and explains the ‘creative love at first sight’ of an amazing working relationship.