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Howard Marks & Peter Stringfellow
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Howard Marks & Peter Stringfellow

This episode of Living the Life brings together the… infamous Oxford-educated international drug smuggler, author and original Mr. Nice, Howard Marks with Peter Stringfellow, the larger than life, entrepreneur, successful nightclub owner and ‘King of Clubs.’


Howard Marks – known as ‘Mr. Nice’, had a privileged upbringing and was educated in Wales, before gaining a place at Oxford University and graduating with a degree in Physics. He achieved notoriety when he was uncovered as one of the largest international suppliers of cannabis and was jailed for 7 years. The public has been endlessly fascinated with his life; his autobiography was a best-seller and his story has recently been made into a film with Rhys Ifans playing Howard.

Howard’s passion for cannabis has seen him become a leading campaigner for its legalisation including, at one stage, standing for parliament on the single issue of legalising the drug. He has played both fictional and non fictional roles in television documentaries and films usually associated with cannabis. A highly educated man, Howard has followed the success of his autobiography by writing Welsh crime fiction novels due for publication in the near future.


Peter Stringfellow – is the notorious British owner of Stringfellows table-dancing clubs. Peter has spent his life in the nightclub industry, offering establishments that catered for the changing taste of its patrons. He has booked over the years a host of famous musicians including the Beatles, and his King Mojo Nightclub showcased the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Tina Turner.

His clubs are some of the most popular – and racy – in the country and he is often pictured surrounded by countless beautiful women, which perpetuates the image of an affable Peter Pan. Despite this seemingly outward association with the hedonistic lifestyle Peter is happily married and is entirely anti-drugs. During filming of Living the Life Peter and Howard talk openly and frankly about the drug issue and soon branching out into an amazingly intimate and revealing conversation.


Watch out for Howard and Peter talking during the show about:

  • How Howard struggles to recall the name of his first girlfriend but regales Peter in detail of how he remembers his first ‘Hooker.’
  • How Peter, taking a leaf out of Howard’s book, pretended years ago that he was Peter Frampton whilst in Studio 54 in New York, until the manager tried to pin Frampton’s outstanding $18,000 drug bill on him.
  • How Howard describes his experiences in Terra Haute penitentiary, one of the hardest prisons in the United States, where he served his sentence ‘under the shadow of death row.’