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Fay Weldon & Caitlin Moran
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Fay Weldon & Caitlin Moran

This episode of Living the Dream brings together the… flamboyant Times and Sunday Times columnist, former Young Reporter of the Year, successful author and renowned feminist, Caitlin Moran with Fay Weldon, the acclaimed writer, best-selling novelist, essayist and Professor of Creative Writing.


Caitlin Moran – began her prolific career as a journalist at the age of 16, writing for Melody Maker, The Observer and The Guardian, as well as publishing a novel called The Chronicles of Narmo. Caitlin launched her UK television career in 1992, hosting the Channel 4 music show ‘Naked City.’

Caitlin has grown into an increasingly respected columnist and with the release of her book ‘How to be a Woman’ in 2011 resonating with thousands of women (and men) across the country, she has become the current voice of feminism in the 21st century. With the book being earmarked for a film and also a television series, Caitlin continues to shape and influence opinion on how to be a woman.


Fay Weldon – CBE is the prolific author, essayist and playwright. Starting her career in advertising Fay proceeded to write television plays for the BBC and subsequently made a career as a prolific writer of dramas and novels, for which she is most famous. Her book ‘The Life and Loves of a She Devil’ was a huge hit both as a work of fiction and later as a dramatisation for television.

Fay’s huge back catalogue of published work and current position as Professor of Creative Writing at Brunel University speaks volumes about her intelligent and insightful mind and her ability to convey it through the written word. In the late 60s Fay became the voice of rising feminist consciousness in the UK. However, she has in recent years emerged as an unlikely champion of men’s rights. During filming of Living the Dream this passion for not just feminism but the human soul of both Caitlin and Fay, shapes an amazingly intimate and revealing conversation.


Watch out for Caitlin and Fay talking during the show about:

  • How Caitlin survived being the eldest of eight children in a two bedroom house, where she was ‘home schooled’ from the age of 11.
  • How Fay had to sit through university lectures with a teacher who refused to teach women or even consider their opinion.
  • How Caitlin moved to London as soon as she was old enough to pursue her career and also the chance of ‘getting laid.’