Season 1
Dylan Jones & George Lamb
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Contributors - Season 1

Dylan Jones & George Lamb

This episode of Living the Dream brings together the… celebrated journalist, author and award winning editor of GQ magazine, Dylan Jones with George Lamb, the inimitable radio and television presenter and fledgling fashion designer.

Dylan Jones – broke the mould of a military family, moving to London at age seventeen to immerse himself in 70’s youth culture. After running nightclubs for two years, Dylan turned his attention to journalism and became editor of i-D magazine in 1984. He subsequently worked in various editorial positions for a number of magazines and newspapers such as Arena, The Face, The Observer and The Sunday Times.

In 1999, Dylan took over the role of editor at GQ magazine and is credited with bringing in a gold-star roster of writers, as well as taking the magazine in a more political direction, recently featuring Conservative party leader David Cameron on the front cover. He has also published several books, and is currently the vice president of the prestigious Hay Festival.

George Lamb – developed a love for the limelight after helping out on set with his father, actor Larry Lamb. George had long been interested in the nightclub scene, and once out of school, he headed south to the heady shores of Ibiza where he worked as a music agent and helped launch the careers of both Lily Allen and Audio Bullies.

Before long George realised his place was in front of the cameras rather than behind them; he began his career as a successful TV presenter, with reality shows such as BBC’s Celebrity Scissorhands and Big Brother’s Little Brother, before moving on to Radio and a successful slot with his own show on BBC Radio 6 Music. Also a shrewd business man, George has expanded his passion for fashion by releasing his own clothing range. This penchant for style has meant he has crossed paths with Dylan Jones on many occasions and during the filming of Living The Dream, an amazingly intimate and revealing conversation ensues.

Watch out for Dylan and George talking during the show about:

  •  How Dylan went from feeling he was too old at 22 and life was already on a downhill slope, to capitalising on a chance meeting with friend Terry Jones to write some articles, to take him to the heady journalistic heights he enjoys now.
  •  How George regales us in detail how he took a young and wayward Lily Allen under his wing to help get her career started only to let her go at the final hour just before she was catapulted into stardom.
  •  How Dylan explains that he may have famous acquaintances but believes that you can’t actually be friends with a celebrity.